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Updated: Jan 17, 2019

Learn what your hair really needs when you feel like nothing works.

Fine textured client with babylights and simple toner. the babylights help create texture and movement along with the help of her textured bob.

I love my fine textured hair...said no client ever. Realistically my clients with fine texture generally complain most about lack of life and style with their hair. Some other complaints are tangling, easily damaged, and hard to hold styles that may have started great in the a.m. but look like you are wearing a hat by the p.m.

but wait! its not all bad!

Fine hair actually has some great qualities! It is shiny, soft, lightweight, and a lot of times high density (there is a lot of it).

So now, how can you bring out these amazing qualities of fine hair and make the most out of it? First let me tell you what you need...gentleness, hold, lightweight moisture, and texture. What it doesn't need? Excessive tension from things like bobby pins and small elastic bands, excessive heat, any heat without proper heat protection, and over washing. Yes over washing, and I know I am not the first person you heard this from.

so what can we do?

Lets start with washing, do not do it everyday. I know, I know. If your hair isn't dirty and oily grab for the dry shampoo, one of my favorites is IGK jet lag invisible dry shampoo. And if you feel as though you must stick your head in the water, just wet it and then you are free to restyle without having stripped off those precious oils that your scalp worked so hard on. When you wash, concentrate your shampoo at your roots and conditioner at your ends, you do need a balancing or "everyday"(not literally lol) shampoo along with a lightweight conditioner. Follow up on your towel dried hair with a root booster, concentrated on the roots, a styling cream or gel for hold, and heat protector. Some creams offer heat protection while others don't, so read ya label. Next, dry your hair in the opposite direction of how you want your hair to lay, this will promote some extra volume at the root. After you have finished drying, take a lightweight hairspray to your hair, lightly, before curling or flat ironing. finish off with a powder texturizer and some more of that light hairspray. Easy ya? or no? lol

Below Ill be posting hair products for fine hair texture based on your hair's porosity. Check out my porosity article to see which category you fall in.

Shampoo & Conditioner - low porosity Giovanni Balancing Shampoo & Conditioner

- regular porosity Sexy Hair Volume Shampoo & Conditioner

- high porosity Sexy Hair Color Lock Shampoo & Conditioner

- any porosity Giovanni Leave in conditioner(for drier, higher density)

Texture - all porosities Puff Me in pink bottle for high density -thick hair

Puff Me in white bottle for low density -thin hair

Joico Hair Shake

Kenra Root Boost

Hold - high and regular porosity Amika 1st Base Styling Cream

IGK Coconut Oil Gel

- low porosity Giovanni styling gel

- all porosities Design Me Hold Me hair spray (nozzle allows you to control the flow)

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